About This Project

Selva Vertical is a project to transform the skeletons of abandoned buildings into low-tech, self-sufficient vertical jungle-gardens.

The prototype building is in Buenos Aires; the now-monochromatic structure will give way to variegated worlds, and the area dominated by decay will be filled with stages of life and death cycles.

A series of engineering and horticultural studies are being developed to design the sub-ecosystems that will be positioned across an 18-story structure, abandoned mid-construction over half a century ago.

The plants will be indigenous to the region (including found plants at the Caseros Prison’s abandoned demolition site), and will include endangered species. The selection will follow a design based on daily and seasonal blooming cycles, color and scent palettes.

Selva Vertical’s primary axis runs through the generation of plant life feeding off the structural integrity of its skeletal base. The plant life literally animates the destruction of the building, while the structure being destroyed animates the plant’s life.

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plants, soil, building