mirror, glass, silicone, fishline


2010 (ongoing)

Politics of the Abyss

Go to Infinity Also Hurts

About This Project

A fleet of sculptures exploring structures or modes of action that can effectively evade or confuse surveillance systems in the spirit of Rainer Maria Rilke’s observation that in love, the other is the guardian of one’s solitude.

The sculptures are icosahedra made from mirror, glass, and silicone, generating inner spaces that expand optically beyond their physical limits. They operate at the speed of time; the images that pass through and multiply in the sculptures’ reflections leave traces that accumulate in their intangible spaces, like memory. They are divided by their behavior into three categories: Pozo (a hole; slang for solitary confinement cell), Tumba (a tomb; slang for prison) and Horca (Gallows). Pozos float in bodies of water — flooded streets, rivers, and oceans — subject to currents and winds; Horcas are suspended from lamp posts; Tumbas are buried under the earth.

These sculptures are part of an expanding set of works that crop up in places on and in close proximity to the earth.

Notes on idea